I’ve been fascinated by multimedia my whole life. Because my father is working on PC software industry, I grew up with computers as a child. Initially it was mostly the games that were very fun. When I got older, a year or 9-10, I started experimenting with websites.

These were mostly static websites about cars & games. Over the years I learned something new every time. During the construction I was always busy with the design. I always think that the website has to look good. In the end, I chose to study graphic design after high school. This training was more focused on designing leaflets and other print media expressions. This was not entirely perfect for me.

That’s why I chose to do Media Technology course in the 2nd year, where websites were central. It was during the internship that I learned a lot about developing websites / web applications. In one year I have been able to train at two different companies. Partly thanks to working in practice and the many research assignments, this has been a time for me to get the most up to date on Web development (as far as possible).